Firm Overview

Representing Clients In Complex Matters Throughout Colorado


The partners of Waas Campbell Rivera Johnson & Velasquez LLP have committed their combined experience to create a small but powerful group of lawyers highly-skilled in all facets of commercial litigation, real estate and land use.

We practice law with the single purpose of serving our clients’ best interest. Our approach is focused, sophisticated and disciplined, allowing us to have the size and depth to handle all types of complex matters at which we excel, but without the large overhead and inflexible structure of a large law firm.

The key to both successful dispute resolution and real estate transactions is the early identification of strategic goals, and constant attention to the changing contours of the matter as it progresses and moves toward resolution or closing. We recognize that as a matter progresses and circumstances change, our clients’ goals may change as well. But no addressed in a manner consistent with the goals of the engagement. Strategic foresight saves time and money and maximizes the opportunity for success.

In litigation, clear-eyed focus on the final stage of dispute resolution – trial or arbitration – means avoidance of pointless and expensive discovery and motion practice whenever such activities do not serve the strategic goal of winning in the end. In real estate, special focus on the client’s objectives while maneuvering through the obstacles that arise in the course of a transaction ensures that we navigate the transaction without losing sight of the client’s goals. While we cannot always control what the opposing party does or how a transaction will progress, we can control how we manage the matter, and our approach will always be focused and disciplined.

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